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Ages 5-12

Bowerbirdy will organise and deliver a dynamic, fresh and creative range of free and fun children’s activities for children and young people aged 5 to 12.

Stage School

Fun, interactive activities such as: singing, dancing and acting workshops taught by trained, experienced professionals.

With the experience and quality of our staff, all children and young people will feel like they have been to stage school. By splitting the class into different age groups, we can teach the basics in these areas, and who knows, we may uncover a star! 

During the classes students will learn new skills that can follow them into any career, speaking in front of people, training and how to communicate effectively, most importantly building character and confidence.

Children Acting Class

Creative Media

Dynamic training on the fastest growing job market provided by up and coming influencers and established professionals in the design and marketing industry.

Different activities in this category will cover; filming, photography, film editing, adobe design, social media, google analytics and SEO/PPC. 

These classes will provide inspiration and expand current knowledge in this emerging sector, which is invaluable for the future.

Children's Media Video

Adventure Play

Pirate’s Adventure, Wild West and Superheroes themed adventure play.

Encourages team building as the children and young people will be divided into teams to battle it out to unravel clues, involving map and compass reading,  

Superhero Activity
Children's Adventure Activities

encompassing Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones and Treasure Island games. Lots of props and staff as actors to make it truly an unforgettable experience.

Children Dressed As Pirates

Arts & Crafts

Art, along with sports and drama is an excellent way to meditate and switch off taking away anxiety and stress.

Our arts and crafts team love what they do and are all successful in the industry, each activity would include the following creations: Kites, Painted rocks, Baseball  

caps, Zoo finger puppets, Hats & Masks, Castle Making, Finger Painting, Pottery painting, Pirate prop crafts, Minion Mayhem.

Children Arts & Crafts Video

Sports Club

Sports should be fun and through healthy competition, dedication, learning from mistakes, losses and victories, this will arm the young people with life skills.

We have a wealth of talent to lead this activity and would create a Mini Olympics including: Track & Field, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, 

Dodgeball, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby. Sessions would include basic training & techniques before the fun begins.

Children'S Tug Of War Video


Sports along with imagination builds social-emotional development by allowing children to contemplate different resolutions, thus boosting children’s confidence, which can be used in interactions with others.

Live Online Classes

Live streaming activities to help improve children’s mental health and physical well-being during unpresented times. 

Our fun dynamic activities will reach a higher range of children and young people online. Covering courses such as Arts & Crafts where we send out an arts pack in advance so the children can follow our activities with the correct equipment. Stage School covering singing, dancing and acting.

Sports Club, involving baked beans, school rucksack and other props to add to fun sports games. Creative Media, with our free software, allows young people to learn and explore more in this field. Adventure Play, a fun family adventure treasure trail around local woodlands with hidden clues and cool prizes as rewards, such as a bicycle. This is great for the whole family to get out and explore their local parks and woodlands. 

Activities include
Sports Club
Work out alongside our dynamic team
Stage School
Singing, dancing and acting workshops
Film School/Creative Media
Dynamic design, filming and editing classes
Arts & Crafts
Let your imagination run wild with our fun classes
Adventure Play
Outdoor treasure hunts for the whole family

Nutrition food course

Preparation, making, understanding and learning about food encouraged by passionate teachers and staff will have children and young people looking forward to every meal

From helping to prep, making and then trying different foods will help children’s approach 

to nutrition teaching them how to fuel their bodies by helping to make them more healthy, stronger and happier.

Children's Cooking Video

Water War

Our Summer activities also include a super fun Water War where anyone can cool down during a hot summer day!

Both children and team members have a blast during our little Water War activity, plus it also helps everyone cool down on a hot Summer day! It really hits the spot!

Children's Water Fun Video

Fun Day

Start the activities with a free Fun day for everyone in the town centre.

Have the world’s first marketing tricycle, The WOWbower is our unique Marketing photo booth Tricycle equipped with a top of the line computer, printer, tablets, sound system, Wi-Fi, TV display and bubble machine. We will also bring mascots that are very popular.

Our WOWbower can also share images taken on the day on all social media sites helping spread awareness of the launch of the free activities. 

The pictures can also be tracked to monitor how long we trended for and how many likes and shares the photos received. Bowerbirdy creative agency running paid advertising on social media channels helping reach 30,000+ local residents in your area making you the talk of the town!

Children's Funday Video

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