We love hearing from parents who tell us how much fun their kids are having at Bowerbirdy Academy, and how our activities have had a positive impact on their children and on themselves!

{The children had a place to be entertained with amazing staff. My daughter learnt how to code and bake new recipes that she now repeats at home. My son developed new skills through Stage School, arts and craft. He has become more confident and learnt to socialise with new friends. I had chance to get jobs done, work calls made which allowed a calm and stress free summer for all! Thank you John Paul, Finn, Erin, Immi, Evie and all the Wat’s On Team!{
{Great range of activities, helped with routine and familiarity, given them days to look forward to and chance to meet up with friends near to home and given me time to spend with younger sibling{
{I really hope this continues to be provided for every school holidays! Kids love it and with the cost of living increasingly it really does help so many families to have this support{
{They have the ability to make every child feel welcome, part of the group and cared for. They create a very positive rapport and children, such as my son, return time and time again. He can’t wait for the events to come back!{
{My 2 boys come here regularly and it has given me a breather. I was struggling with mental health for the past few months and was on therapy. Now in summer holidays when the kids were home it was giving me anxiety but thanks to Bowerbirdy Academy it has given me and the kids a lot of relief{
{Allowed us to meet other families, go to different places in a supported environment, provided free childcare and routine and something to look forward to{
{honestly my children have had the best time attending these activities and speak highly of the members of staff they ask to go to every activity available, that speaks for its self as to how good the service provided is. I take my hats off to you guys and thank you all.{
{It was great to get the kids off technology and go outside. The social aspect was great too{
{Bowerbirdy activities provide fun, friendly activities in small well organized groups with fantastic members of staff. They are very kind and caring giving the children enjoyment out in the fresh air and at easy to access venues{
{All the staff work so hard and I really have seen a benefit to my own child. Looking forward for when the next one comes around… My son cannot wait!{

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